We are a Connecticut family who is planning a Disney Vacation.  It involves a family of six (yeah, six...a mommy and a daddy and four daughters, well three daughters and an annoying offspring {I'M NOT NAMING ANYONE IN SPECIFIC}) and two boyfriends (well technically a boyfriend and a fiancÚ).  We were all sitting around the kitchen table putting together the trip (which involved two of the sisters yelling at each other as to who got to type and who had to cross out the rides that we weren't going to ride) when Derek (the fiancÚ) and Chris (me, the boyfriend) decided that this was such an ordeal that it had to be documented.  In its entirety. 

    As the idea progressed, it kind of snowballed.  Out of control. And we actually made a website.  And we made a lot of different ideas that all came together.  We are planning on blogging that week, and we have made a form to fill out if you would like to spend time with the couple (engaged one).  We are also planning on voting someone "off" of the trip each day until only I am left.  I mean, only one person (me?) is left. 

That's our story, and I'm sticking to it.