Date: April 17

Time Activity
Morning Get up wicked early to go to Universal Studios
Afternoon Stay at Universal Studios

Leave Universal Studios (escorted by security

because we didn't leave)

Rides we plan to hit:

-         Shrek 4-D

-         Jimmy Neutronís Nicktoon Blast

-         Revenge of the Mummy the Ride

-         Twister Ride it Out

-         The Blues Brothers

-         Terminator 2: 3D

-         Universal Horror Make-up Show

-         The Simpson Ride

-         Men in Black Alien Attack

-         Jaws

-         Fear Factor Live

-         Disaster

-         ET Adventure


Chris's response to this day's schedule: 

Long day, but a terribly fun day.  I look forward to meeting security when we won't leave.


Derek's response to this day's scheduel:

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